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Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos can I expect?

We guarantee a minimum of 80-100 edited photos per hour of photography!

Factors such as having a second photographer or not, and how many hours you have will affect the total number of images recieved.

Can I add a second photographer?

Absolutely! As long as we have a second photographer available for your day, the cost to add this on is $650.

What are the advantages to a second photographer?

Theres so many reasons we suggest having a second shooter! First, having two photographers is helpful to capture some of those “getting ready moments” if you and your partner are in separate locations before the ceremony. A second shooter also helps to capture different angles than the lead which guarantees excellent coverage during your ceremony and any other important moments of the day. Think of it this way — if you are walking down the aisle, you can have one photographer focused on you, and the other focused on your partners reaction! The lead will capture this all when working solo too, but a second shooter can help make sure that all those boxes are checked simultanously. 

How long is the turnaround for our gallery?

Typical turnaround time for delivery of your photos is within 8 weeks after the event, however, depending on the time of year it may be sooner. Our wedding packages include “sneak peeks” as well, so you at least get a few to share with family and friends right away!

Do you give out raw files?

The images in your gallery will be edited to improve the lighting, contrast, sharpness, and color all of which is a standard process for digital photographers and part of our art! Therefore, we do not provide the unedited RAW images.

What is required to book?

Once you pick out your package we send out an invoice and contract to your email. From here, simply sign the dotted lines and send a $350 deposit and you're booked!

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